VNYL – The Breakdown

screen-shot-2015-04-12-at-12-59-421-1050x507Vinyl subscription boxes are a new arrival to the world of music. The overall idea of these services, though they differ from one company to the next, is that every so often, the company would put together a box and send them out to members of the subscription. More than likely, there’s a ‘coolness’ and exclusivity factor to these boxes, perhaps a special edition colored record, an artist signed sleeve or even exclusive bonus songs. VNYL is a subscription service perfect for music lovers of all ages and genres looking to build their collection in a new and innovative way.

By far the loudest and the proudest vinyl subscription service, with their hot pink boxes, monthly #vibes, and “Let’s Get Physical” slogan, VNYL is a service that curates records they think the particular member will enjoy. When you sign up for the service you fill out a standard form on your music interests, which genres, albums, and artists you like and which ones you don’t. You also have the option to link your Spotify, Discogs, and other social media to let the curators get to know you a little more before all fate is entrusted in their hands to send you vinyl you’ll love. Once your profile is complete, you pick a monthly plan which gives you the option to receive records in the capacity you choose. You can select the ‘monthly trio’ plan which will get you three records a month for $39.00/month, the ‘triple triple’plan which will get you nine records over the course of three months for $37.00/month (that’s a 5% discount) or the ‘#BFF’ plan which will get you thirty-six records over the course of a year for $35.00/month (at a 10% discount). Once you’ve selected your plan, you pick a #vibe for that month. These vibes can vary from month to month with quirky names like ‘GoFolkYourself’,’Holidaze’ and ‘FindingEmo’. Some vibes you can select are curated specially for you, while other vibes are pre-selected, meaning upon selecting that vibe, members will already know which records they will be receiving. Shipping can take about a month from the time you select your vibe or even longer during busy times like during the holidays. If you live in the United States, this service beneficial cost-wise at about $13.00 a record. However, if you live internationally, these monthly rates are converted to your country currency and you will be charged extra for shipping. I’m from Canada, so when I received my bill for the first box I had signed up for, I was faced with an $85.00 total. That’s $28.00 a record, which when you put it all into perspective isn’t bad considering most vinyl you’ll purchase in Canada will go for around $25-$30 per record. The records you receive are non-returnable so you have to keep everything you get.

Overall, VNYL is a good investment if you want to build your personal record collection in a new and exciting way. For some, this service and all vinyl subscription services in general, are a true lifesaver. Let’s say you don’t have the time to go crate-digging for hours and hours, or you don’t live in an area with a record store or you’re just looking for an element of surprise within your collection, subscription services can be majorly convenient.

I do not own the rights to photographs used within the article content.

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