Artist Spotlight: SWMRS

Who even said punk was dead? SWMRS, of Oakland CA, are bringing modern punk to a new level. The band is comprised of Cole Becker (guitar, vocals), Max Becker (guitar, vocals), Joey Armstrong (drums, percussion), and Seb Mueller (bass, backing vocals). The band released their debut LP ‘Drive North’ in February of 2016, and October of 2016 when it was re-released by their current residing label, Fueled By Ramen. Prior to this, the band also released two other LPs, ‘Don’t Be a Dick’ (2011) and ‘Lost at Seventeen’ however, those albums were released under the band’s former name, Emily’s Army.

The band got their start at a very early age, as Cole, Joey, and Max were all friends in their early teenage years. They had formed a band along with a former bandmate under the name ‘The Raining Souls’ (2004), then changed to ‘The Clocks’ (2004) finally arriving at Emily’s Amry (2005-2015). When a member of Emily’s Amry resigned from his position as bassist, the band made the collective decision to make a fresh start under the name ‘Swimmers’ (SWMRS, in short). The band cites many influences including everything from Nirvana to The Beach Boys who have collectively contributed to their unique sound. The band had a new lineup with the addition of Seb, a new sound, and new aspirations. The band got Zac Carper of the garage-punk band FIDLAR onboard to produce their new album and it has been one of the band’s greatest successes thus far, earning 4/5 stars across the review boards. The band gained major attention quickly after ‘Drive North’ was released, eventually leading to the band signing with Fueled By Ramen, a label that includes artists of various rock genres. Fueled By Ramen is a well-known label amongst pop-punk fans, with a list of signed artists including All Time Low, Twenty One Pilots, and Panic! at the Disco. So, evidently signing to this label was a major step forward to public recognition for the band.

The sound of SWMRS may be confusing to newcomers, but fans love the beach-punk sound the band exudes in every track. The band has played numerous festivals and gigs over the span of their career, and it was all leading up to this. As of now, SMWRS has racked up a whopping 76.4k followers on twitter, and 207 579 monthly listeners on Spotify. They have toured the US and UK countless times, and are currently set to open for All Time Low this summer.

Check out the music video for fan favorite track ‘Figuring It Out’ here.

I do not own the rights to photographs used in this article. All rights to their owners.

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