Feedbands – The Vinyl YOU Want

Imagine having all your favorite unsigned artists’ music pressed onto vinyl and shipped to your doorstep monthly. Well, imagine-no-more! Feebands is a company that does exactly just that. Artists can submit their own music to the site, and subscribers get to vote on which artist they’d like to see pressed onto vinyl in the future. Feedbands only press first-time pressings for the albums they release and they are always on beautiful colored vinyl. They put out records from all genres, including folk, instrumental, post-metal, jazz, electronic, experimental- the genres are endless, so there’s something for everyone. Another great feature about this vinyl subscription is the subscriber’s option to choose from the record archives if they aren’t feeling the record of the month. However, all Feedbands pressings are in limited quantity, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good, so if you want a particular record, you should act fast. They have a few different subscription options at a decent price, including a unique t-shirt subscription option to match the record of the month. They ship internationally t00, so there’s an option for all vinyl lovers.

The record I received for the month of February was Brother Grand’s self-titled. The record is pressed in a gorgeous lilac purple color, with flecks of red and blue throughout. All Feedbands records come packaged in a vinyl protective mailer, and the records come with an outer sleeve as well, for added protection and care. All records come with a write-up talking about the band and their music, and sometimes even exclusive interviews. You also receive a digital copy of the album, which you can access through your Feedbands account. This month’s release also came with a ‘Feedbands Vinyl’ sticker, which is a nice piece of merch to stick somewhere and show your Feedbands love!

This album is the kind of record you want to listen to on a Sunday morning, in bed, sipping coffee whilst reading a good book. It has a cozy, intimate feel to it, due to the fact that it’s actually a live recording from the Burning Room. I can also see some of these songs on the soundtrack of an indie coming-of-age film, which is cool because it shows that the music can almost be ‘visual’ in a sense, and for myself personally, it brings up certain memories in my mind, which also gives it a kind of nostalgic feel.

One of the things I like so much about this company is their superior customer service. Whenever I’ve had a concern or question they’re quick to answer it and find a solution to the issue. I had received a warped vinyl in the mail (these things can happen anytime during transit in the postal service) and I emailed customer service explaining my issue. Within five minutes, a customer service rep emailed me back to say that another copy of the record would be on it’s way tomorrow and that they were currently playing it to make sure all is good. It’s good to know that I’m giving my money to people who truly care about the music and their customers.

So, what’re you waiting for? Start voting on the music you want to be pressed on vinyl today!

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