Vinyl Me, Please – ‘Yours Conditionally’

Vinyl Me, Please is marketed as being “the best damn record club”. After receiving my very first record from Vinyl Me, Please, I can firmly agree with that notion. I signed up for this service because I had acquired a $10 discount code, and figured it would be worth a try to see what all the talk surrounding VMP is all about. I logged onto the website and discovered the album of the month to be sent out was Tennis’ ‘Yours Conditionally’ (2017). This was a group I had never heard of before but decided to take a chance on, upon listening to a few sample songs from Spotify.

Now, if you’re living under a rock and haven’t been introduced to the world of vinyl record subscription services, allow me to introduce you. Vinyl Me, Please is a record club that sends out vinyl records to their subscribers’ doorsteps on a monthly basis. So, what’s included with the VMP service? Well, you’ll receive a heavy weighted record, with amazing sound quality, pressed on colored vinyl monthly. (The records may even have unique patterns such as ‘smoke’ effect or bicolored). ‘Yours Conditionally’ was pressed on a gorgeous split bubblegum pink & sky blue vinyl. On occasion, you’ll also receive an exclusive 7″ bonus record to go along with the album. The record jacket may even have alternate artwork, just for members of VMP. One unique feature of this service is their cocktail + record pairing.  Every month, they’ll match the album to a cocktail, taking into consideration the overall feel, sound, and aesthetic of the album. The cocktail pairing for this month was a cucumber gin gimlet, a recipe that the members of Tennis would enjoy after a long day of songwriting and music-making. Another great exclusive aspect of VMP is their artwork pairing for the album. Along with receiving the album of the month, members will also get a graphic, printed onto heavy stock paper. The artwork is created by independent artists and reflects their interpretation of the particular album in a visual form. This month’s artwork, created byLuca Venter, was a beautiful graphic-inspired piece, with flecks of pattern throughout and a woman’s silhouette, which I feel really compliments the album well. Each record also comes with a few words from the creator of VMP, Tyler Barstow, which just goes to show how the creators of this company are still passionate and engaged in this project a little over 4 years from their start.

Vinyl Me, Please offers great service to their customers. Personally, I think you get an amazing product for your money. I mean, who doesn’t love exclusive pressings/re-pressings shipped right to your door. The price for this service is right on the mark with its competitor’s prices. ($29.00 United States Domestic or $42.00 International). In an economy where any standard heavyweight record is usually around $30, for a few extra dollars, you really do get bang for your buck. Shipping for the parcel took a standard two weeks, which is the norm for international shipping to Canada, and the parcel arrived perfectly intact and didn’t collect any scrapes or bruises along the way.

Tennis has quickly become one of my favorite groups of the moment. The husband and wife duo, comprised of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, have made major advances within their latest album ‘Yours Conditionally’. Alaina’s songwriting is some of the best writing in modern music today, with lyrics such as “Women are much closer to nature/ So but can’t you understand/ Binary opposition/ Hits me like a divine plan” creating an intellectual feel to the album. My personal favorite track of the album ‘Modern Woman’ starts off as an acoustic song, with the sole sounds of the guitar and Alaina’s vocals. The song is addressed to an unknown person, Kate, which makes the song feel like a lyrical version of a personal journal, a feature in which I really like. The opening lyrics of the song, “Kate,/ I’m so afraid you’ll hate me/ I think I might have made it true/ There’s no need to implicate me/ You would never want the proof” really grasped my attention from the very first listen, which is probably the reason I keep going back to that specific track. The album was written on both land and sea, as sailing is something the duo has done in the past to create inspiration for an album. The tracks flow seamlessly throughout the album and the instrumentation blended with Alaina’s vocals give the album a truly ethereal feel, yet it is still kept interesting with groovy melodies and rhythms. This is definitely a 5/5 album in my ears.

I had intended to try this service on a one-off premise, just to see what all the talk surround this record club was about, but I have to say, after my first experience with Vinyl Me, Please, I have no future plans to cancel my subscription anytime soon. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, here’s a $10 discount to get you started! Happy listening!


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